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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science

Virginia Tech

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CEE 5154: Air Quality Engineering

This graduate-level course covers emissions, transport, transformation, and fate of atmospheric pollutants. Principles of air quality engineering are discussed in the context of global climate change, health and ecosystem effects, and air quality management.


CEE 5794: Principles of Environmental Engineering

This graduate-level course presents fundamental concepts and tools used in studies of the fate and transport of pollutants in the environment, including transport mechanisms, reactor theory, equilibrium partitioning, and mass transfer.


CEE 4144: Air Resources Engineering

The objective of this course is to understand the major principles and problems associated with air pollution. We explore the effects, sources, and control of air pollutants. The course employs engineering fundamentals for the design of physical control devices as well as management approaches for air pollution control.


CEE 3104: Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Overall view of environmental engineering with emphasis on hazardous waste management, water treatment, wastewater treatment, air pollution and its control, solid waste management, groundwater pollution and environmental regulations.


Question Databases

As part of the educational component of an NSF CAREER award, I have developed a database of multiple-choice questions for use with classroom response systems such as iClicker. Answers are not provided, and questions may have more than one correct answer. Please let me know if you find any typos or other errors or have other questions to add to the database.


Introduction to Environmental Engineering (junior-level)

Air Resources Engineering (senior-level)

Air Quality Engineering (graduate-level)

Teaching Awards

• Excellence in Teaching Award, Virginia Tech Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, 2019

• Virginia Tech Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Board Alumni Teaching Excellence Award, 2010

• American Society of Civil Engineers Excellence in Civil Engineering Education (ExCEEd) Fellow, 2005

• Teaching-Learning Grant for "A New Problem-Based Learning Module for Air Pollution Engineering," Virginia Tech Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 2005

• Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, University of California at Berkeley, 1999